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A refreshing tale for hot summer days

SoftVision Development GmbH // August 9, 2022

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Or the developer and the hero who came to the rescue

No, this has nothing to do with 99 of the best tips for how developers can survive in a hot and humid office without air conditioning during a summer heatwave. Nor does it have anything to do with the hottest game from the Metaverse. No, it’s about nothing less than the story behind the story of the latest webPDF film – and that’s something cool and refreshingly different.

We recently released our new film about webPDF. It was a premiere for us insofar as the type of film we chose was quite novel. We wanted to get away from the typical explanatory film, be more daring, and try something new.

So, how do you present software like webPDF cinematically when there’s nothing you can put your hands on? Nobody speaking with anybody, no emotions to be set free? With the help of the Heidelberg-based BRANDS IN GREEN agency and that young film crew from the bildbrauerei video production company, we created a living story based on an example taken from real life. A situation that’s probably familiar to almost every one of you reading this.

What it’s about

The protagonist, an IT developer, who also deals with PDF data management within his company, winds up in one of those typically high-stress situations that is seemingly too much to handle. Something has got to give if he’s ever going to get out of this predicament. Then suddenly, as if from nowhere, a hero appears at the developer’s side and shows him a way he can resolve the problem.

The solution

Yes, you guessed it. The solution is our webPDF software product, which can be rapidly integrated within existing workflows, supports all the usual programming languages with its API web service, can be scaled dynamically, and with whose help you can convert an untold number of file formats to PDF.

With a sigh of relief, the developer immediately downloads the webPDF demo version to try it out. Everything is literally and figuratively “no sweat” now that the workflows are running smooth, fast and easy.

The challenges

Even though the plot of the story seems trivial, enacting it was a great deal trickier. Here are but a few of the challenges that made us and the film crew break sweat.

  • Can we find the right timeline for everyone involved?
  • What about a suitable location where we can do the filming? Is it available on the date we want? Will we get filming permission?
  • Will the weather cooperate (filming was planned for December) and how can we overcome any potentially poor lighting conditions?
  • How can we solve the acoustics problems inside the office building?
  • How will we succeed in telling the story in less than two minutes – a necessity so as not to strain or lose the attention of our target audience?

The results are impressive and really something to be proud of. See for yourself!

And we are proud. That’s because we’re demonstrating how even software products like webPDF can have an emotional impact. As with all our software solutions, we are, after all, pursuing the goal of not only making things simpler, but also making complex work steps easier and more convenient for us humans to perform – so that tedious tasks can be accomplished as automatically as possible.

And when software makes people’s work and lives better, that’s really something refreshing.

Especially during these sweltering summer days.

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