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Michael Herdy // January 15, 2015

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Free Android app available that works with our FileConverterPro and AutoOCR service.
Thus, the different document formats incl. Character recognition (OCR) are converted into searchable PDF or PDF / A files. With ZIP Containers multiple files can be combined to get a total PDF (Merge) from the individual files.

How the conversion should take place can be selected using the stored processing profiles in the app. Behind the profiles may be be a whole set of options and settings that can not only control the conversion, but also more advanced features.

Container formats such as: ZIP, RAR, 7Zip or EMail container such as MSG / EML, which can contain nested attachments or multiple files are broken up by FileConverterPro, converted and combined into total PDFs with bookmarks.

The app after installing, use our hosted FileConverterPro test server by default. So that tests with your own documents can be performed immediately, with no additional effort and costs.


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Android Library
To quickly and easily be able to develop Android applications and apps that appeal to our FileConverterPro or AutoOCR server using the REST interface, we published an own Android Library. Based on this library our FileConverterPro Android app has been developed which can be downloaded now from Google Play. This library can also be used as a basis for Java applications on other platforms.

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OwnCloud Integration
This means that the various Office, CAD and email document formats directly can be converted from OwnCloud either automatically or interactively / manual incl. OCR to searchable PDF or PDF/A-1b or PDF/A-3b.

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