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Y Soft accelerates software delivery and enhances customer support through integration with Mako

Martin Bailey // April 11, 2023

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YSoft SAFEQ is an enterprise workflow platform offering print management, document capture and 3D print management services. It needs to parse, convert and render multiple Page Description Languages (PDLs), including PCL5 and PCL/XL. However, building this capability would be time consuming and require extra resources, along with ongoing maintenance. Y Soft’s team concluded that outsourcing this task would be the most economical approach, allowing their engineers to concentrate on the company's mission-critical tasks.


Y Soft chose to integrate Mako as the core technology of YSoft SAFEQ. Mako is a multi-platform technology for creating, interrogating, manipulating and visualizing PDL files, including PDF documents, offering precise control over color, fonts and images.


Choosing to outsource the work and integrate Mako from Global Graphics Software has allowed the engineers at Y Soft to focus on other priorities, such as delivering the company’s products faster and improving its customer support. “We were confident that Global Graphics Software’s expertise and experience would deliver a solution that met the quality expectations of our customers,” says Adam Melkus, Y Soft SAFEQ chief architect. “We’ve been able to consolidate the licensing of technology libraries, which in turn has reduced the number of SDKs our developers need skills to write for.”


The Y Soft Corporation is a multinational software and electronic hardware company. Founded in 2000, the company is headquartered in Brno, Czech Republic, with offices in NALA, EMEA and APAC regions, employing over 400 people around the world. Y Soft creates intelligent office solutions that increase productivity, improve document and print management and reduce costs. The company also offers 3D printing solutions to enhance students’ learning experiences in schools and universities.

Global Graphics Software develops intelligent software components for digital print. An expert in PDF since the early days of the format, Global Graphics has always taken an active role in industry standards setting bodies and associations and for many years our former distinguished technologist, Martin Bailey, played a key role,…

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Martin Bailey

NOW RETIRED Martin Bailey has worked on PDF subset standards since 1994, starting with PDF/X in CGATS and then in ISO. He’s currently the UK’s primary representative to the ISO PDF/X and PDF/VT committees, amongst others. He was project editor for PDF/VT-3 and is chair of the PDF Association’s PDF/VT TWG and co-chair of the PDF TWG. In his spare … Read more


Martin Bailey

NOW RETIRED Martin Bailey has worked on PDF subset standards since 1994, starting with PDF/X in CGATS and then in … Read more