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The initial project animating the PDF Reuse TWG is to develop and maintain a specification for “well-tagged PDF” or WTPDF, that is, PDF documents that leverage “Tagged PDF” (ISO 32000, 14.8) to enable reliable reuse of document content on diverse devices and software applications.

Reuse as HTML is a key target; as such WTPDF will complement the derivation algorithm specified in Deriving HTML from PDF.

PDF accessibility is a subset of PDF reuse that includes additional requirements beyond those required for strictly reuse purposes. To ensure continuity between these uses WTPDF will mirror equivalent provisions of PDF/UA-2, and will be developed in close cooperation with the PDF/UA TWG.

PDF Association members are encouraged to join this TWG and assist in this fast-paced effort to develop and publish WTPDF in a short timeframe.


Matthew Hardy

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