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Free Foxit PDF Reader with integrated AI Assistant

This article describes the features of the new AI assistant in Foxit PDF Reader. This can significantly increase productivity when working with documents.
About the author: Thomas Zellmann has been working in electronic data processing (EDP) for more than 30 years and has extensive experience with classic and modern IT solutions. Prior to joining LuraTech/Foxit in 2001 he worked … Read more

AI is on everyone’s lips and offers many new possibilities.

The free Foxit PDF Reader now has an AI assistant based on ChatGPT integrated. In addition to the chat function, the AI assistant offers many other interesting features that help not only to display PDF documents, but also to extensively evaluate and process them with the support of AI. This significantly increases productivity when working with documents!

The functions at a glance:

SUMMARIZE: Especially with extensive documents, it can be very helpful to first summarize the content of the document with the AI. This gives you a quick overview of what the document is about, so you can then start further processing. The summary can be inserted as a comment in the PDF and is therefore available for later use or other users. The AI assistant also makes it possible to summarize individual paragraphs. The output language can be chosen flexibly; for example, an English document can be summarized in German or other languages.

TRANSLATE: The AI assistant can also be used to translate text sections into different languages. Foxit PDF Reader supports common European and Asian languages.

CHAT: In addition to a general chat – as known from OpenAI's ChatGPT – the AI assistant offers the “Chat about document” function. This is certainly the most interesting application option for processing large documents more quickly and therefore more productively. After a brief analysis of the document, the AI can be asked questions about the content. An example would be a versatile operating manual that you would otherwise have to read in its entirety or search for keywords. Experience has shown that the AI answers questions about complex content very well and also names the source in the document. The general chat is very helpful for researching background information on terms or individual topics in the knowledge base.

DEFINITION: Especially when it comes to specialist texts, it happens that they are peppered with technical terms that are not necessarily commonly known. The AI assistant can also help here by explaining individual words, phrases or passages of text. This saves you having to google for terms.

TEXT-IMPROVEMENT: Here the AI offers functions to improve the content.
The spelling checker can ensure the grammatical accuracy of the text and avoid embarrassing typos. In addition, the AI offers to improve the writing and formulate the content differently. You can choose between the length of the reformulation and the tonality.

HELP-FUNCTION: Last but not least, the help function in Foxit PDF Reader is also based on AI. The Foxit AI chatbot supports users in optimal operation.

In daily life there are a large number of documents that require a significant part of the working time. After intensive reading, you often realize that a summary would have been sufficient for your own task. Documents with complex content and content dependencies are difficult to access and understand through normal reading.

In these and other cases, AI can support and significantly accelerate the work!

For self-created documents, AI uses its text functions to help optimize the quality of the content.

The free Foxit PDF Reader offers extensive functions to understand documents better and faster with the help of AI. With the integrated AI, processing can take place entirely in Foxit Reader and is therefore a good introduction to the topic of AI for documents.

The paid Foxit PDF Editor Suite provides the complete tool set that makes it possible to incorporate the results from the analysis and the improvements to the content into the document through editing.

This 6-minute video demonstrates the usage in Foxit PDF Editor.

Founded in 2001, Foxit is a leading provider of innovative PDF and eSignature products and services, helping knowledge workers increase productivity and do more with documents. Foxit combines easy-to-use desktop software, mobile apps, and cloud services in one powerful solution: The Foxit PDF Editor Suite. This Intelligent Document Platform allows…

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