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More Companies are Using CSS for Print, Should You?

Celina Huang // April 23, 2018

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Why CSS for Print?

XSL-FO has been the standard for styling content for print for a long time, however CSS has been seeing an increase in interest over the last couple years. The reasons for using CSS include ubiquity, reuse, customization, flexibility and speed.

Since CSS is also used for web content, many developers already are familiar with it. This makes it easier to find developers to do paged media content. Also its easy to quickly train a web developer to pick up the new syntax.

CSS is reusable since you are able to use the same stylesheet for web content, epub and print/PDF.  The cascading in CSS means that you can easily override default styles while maintaining a uniform look and feel.

Prototyping and making simple layouts is easy and fast with CSS. To see the result of your work with CSS, simply open any browser. This makes developing with CSS quick.

CSS is a living standard with new versions coming out regularly. This means that if the standard isn't meeting your formatting needs today, it may do so very soon. To get started on using CSS for Print, download a FREE comprehensive guide from Antenna House.

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