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PDFgear, the Best Free AI-powered PDF Editor, Streamlines PDF Workflow PDFgear is a free, full-featured PDF management toolset with 40+ features.

Powerful as it is now, PDFgeawr handles PDF editing, converting, merging, and arranging with great ease. Plus, its AI assistance, the so-called PDFgear Copilot can streamline the PDF workflow by providing quick responses to enhance the understanding of the PDF content.

PDFgear offers both website-based toolkits and offline applications which makes tackling files on all types of devices possible. As a cross-platform PDF editor, PDFgear software is now compatible with macOS, Windows, and iOS.

For Android devices, so far PDFgear is working on it.

Meet the Highlight Features of PDFgear

PDFgear offers a wide range of features, over 40 in total, to help you manage your PDFs efficiently. Meet some of the greatest.

Free AI-powered PDF Editor

Integrated with GPT-3.5, PDFgear makes managing PDFs easy and refreshing.

With its AI-powered Copilot, you can complete your PDF tasks quickly and easily without navigating through endless menus.

Whether you're dealing with legal contracts or textbooks, PDFgear Copilot can help you understand your files better. You can even summarize content or extract specific information with just a few clicks.

To get started, simply type your questions or choose from default requirements like "compress this PDF" or "convert this PDF to Word." The whole process only takes a few seconds, so you can get back to your work quickly.

PDFgear Copilot Screenshot
PDFgear Copilot Screenshot

A Free PDF Text Editor

PDFgear takes PDF editing to the next level, making it more like editing a Word document. With PDFgear, you can easily manipulate the content of your PDFs by changing existing text, adding text, images, watermarks, and page numbers, as well as signatures.

Even though PDFs are typically used for reading and printing, PDFgear makes it possible to work with them more flexibly and efficiently. So if you need to edit a PDF document, PDFgear would be the best free PDF editor you have.

PDFgear Edit PDF Text Free
PDFgear Edit PDF Text Free

The Best Free PDF OCR Software

PDFgear's OCR (Optical Character Recognition) feature is not only accurate but also completely free.

In the PDF landscape, the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is primarily used to make scanned PDFs editable or extract text from unselectable documents.

Given the technical threshold, the OCR feature is usually behind a paywall in most PDF editor software like Adobe Acrobat. But PDFgear brings the OCR feature to worldwide users for free.

PDFgear OCR Feature
PDFgear OCR Feature

Convert Whatever File Format You Want to Change

PDFgear is the ultimate solution for all your PDF conversion needs, supporting over 60 document formats.

Whether you need to convert text, images, or screenshots, PDFgear guarantees the PDF file quality without any formatting changes or loss in quality in the output files.

With PDFgear Copilot, even complex conversion tasks become effortless, as they can be swiftly fulfilled in a small chatbox.

No Limits PDF Converter - PDFgear
No Limits PDF Converter - PDFgear

No Limits Full-featured Online PDF Toolkits

Unlike many other online PDF tools that limit usage or require complex sign-in processes, PDFgear's online tools are completely free and perform exceptionally well in over 30 PDF tasks, with no limits or restrictions.

With the PDFgear online toolkit, you can easily edit, convert, merge, and arrange your PDFs, as well as compress and protect them with passwords.

The Final Thoughts

PDFgear is much more than the PDF editor you can find from the above features. As one of the best free PDF management tools, PDFgear supports converting, editing, annotating, merging, compressing, and signing PDFs, etc.

PDFgear Interface

Product Type

Windows MacOS Linux Android iOS Other mobile OS PDF viewer/printer Services Web service Workflow management Free
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