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This page provides external links to all legacy Adobe PDF references and errata, as well as to the ISO 32000 family of standards.

On July 23, 2018 alone, three distinct announcements of PDF 2.0 support from Adobe, Agfa and OneVision appeared in your correspondent’s inbox. Together with previous such announcements, it’s clear that the PDF industry is embracing PDF 2.0, and has begun to turn its attention to supporting the various new features, enhancements, tweaks and other changes from the previous 1.7 PDF specification.

SD Times, a leading periodical targeting systems and application developers, has featured PDF in its December 2017 publication. The journalists at SD Times interviewed various members of the PDF technology community, including experts from several PDF Association member companies, to get their read on how PDF is faring in the marketplace, what PDF 2.0 means, … Read more

The November 2017 updates for Acrobat DC, now available from Adobe, include some significant news for those who pay attention to ISO standards-adoption. This release, 18.xx for those on the “Continuous” track, includes the following, among other improvements: Accessibility: Adobe advances their tool-set to make it easier to remediate tables to ensure they are tagged … Read more

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