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Turning Vision into Reality: Implementing Digital-First Omnichannel Customer Communication

The digital-first approach in document creation enables the uncomplicated, fast switch between paper-based and digital communication.
About the author: Carsten Lüdtge, a qualified journalist (University Degree: Diploma) and specialist editor, is responsible for press and public relations at Compart, an international manufacturer of software for customer communication, and is … Read more
Carsten Luedtge

Carsten Luedtge
February 12, 2021

White paper

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The customer-facing document is the core of the customer experience. For some verticals – Insurance comes to mind – the customer-facing document is the main way that a customer experiences a brand. Providing an omnichannel document is table stakes.

The solution has to enable a comparable, high added value with services for all aspects of digital document dispatch, from data to delivery and back. The demand of customers is to meet them where they want to meet, no matter where, when and how many times that meeting place changes in a single day.

A customer might open an envelope in the morning to view a document, look at it during the train ride to work on a tablet, view it again on a desktop at work and then reply on the way home via a mobile phone. One document, one process; many channels.

And many more channels are coming online. Mass media fragments according to preferences. A businesswoman spends a good part of the day replying to email; her mother hasn’t used email ever, and her son doesn’t look at email at all: he prefers What’s App messages on his phone or perhaps on his game console. All channels matter. "Digital First!” This is where we begin.

This white paper aims to present and discuss possible approaches and the various elements that go into a sound omnichannel document strategy, one that yields personalized documents that are easy to comprehend, correct and consistent.

Click here for the free download of the white paper:


Compart is an internationally active manufacturer of software for customer communication management. The company, with headquarters in Böblingen, has been present in the market for more than 30 years and has branches in Europe and North America. The scalable, platform-independent and easy-to-integrate solutions cover the entire cycle of document and…

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