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ActivePDF Responds to Those Working Remotely and Learning from Home with DocSpace Online – A Robot for Documents

This free online app helps those working or learning remotely to compress their PDFs, combine and merge files, convert document types, OCR text, and more.
About the author: PDFTron is a leader in the software industry, providing developer tools for embedding feature-rich, PDF functionality to businesses worldwide. Patricia collaborates closely with the Chief Marketing Director to help current … Read more

ActivePDF, the definitive leader of PDF automation technologies and digital transformation solutions, is proud to announce the launch of DocSpace Online, a free PDF tools application that anyone can use in their favorite browser, on virtually any computer, tablet, or phone.

ActivePDF is primarily known for their high-volume, automated developer PDF tools used by Fortune 1000 companies to deliver essential PDF files, such as bank statements, life insurance policies, mortgage documents, purchase receipts, contracts, and much more on a daily basis.

However, as more people are working or learning from home during the COVID-19 challenge, their need for free and flexible PDF software in the Cloud has quickly become an essential online necessity. In response to these needs, ActivePDF created a free and widely accessible online document processing application that is fast and has an easy-to-use drag-and-drop user interface (UI).

ActivePDF is helping to bridge the gaps between documents and daily communication for today’s large remote workforce and educational environments – at no cost. DocSpace Online can instantly be used by anyone without the need to register an email or credit card. The design comes complete with colorful buttons, a rocket ship and flying astronauts, creating a unique, fun and productive experience for users of all ages.

“When the world was hit by the COVID-19 crisis, the ActivePDF team knew it had to get to work immediately,” says Tim Sullivan, ActivePDF CEO and Chief Architect. "We took the same technologies used by the largest names in industries, such as finance, education, government, technology, and healthcare and made them available to the general public for free. Everyone at ActivePDF understands that it is our responsibility to create positive impacts on people and organizations with our PDF technologies and digital transformation solutions.

“DocSpace Online is a major piece of the puzzle when it comes to giving back to the community in a way we know best – connecting people and their documents through technology. We can’t make masks, but we can democratize free software online for all those in need of a cost-free PDF document software during these uncertain times. Our goal is to make life as normal as possible through better software experiences, regardless of the challenge.”

DocSpace Online Key Features include:

  • Combine PDF – Merge multiple PDF files or pages together and combine them in any order according to your specifications. This is helpful when trying to put together many different files. As a helpful workflow, users can convert many different file types to PDF and then use this tool to combine them all into one file.
  • Convert to PDF – Easily drag-and-drop the following file formats into any favorite internet browser, such as Chrome, Edge, Safari, or others and let the DocSpace engine do the rest: Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Image, PCL, Text, Visio, and XPS.
  • Convert from PDF – Quickly and easily convert PDFs to the following file formats: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Image PDF, Bitmap, JPG, TIFF, PNG, PCL, PostScript, PDF/A. This is helpful for going in and out of different file types so users are never stuck trying to get data into another document file type.
  • Compress PDF – Significantly reduce PDF files sizes with a few clicks. Many PDF files are over 5MB, which can get blocked by email servers. This technology can quickly compress large PDF files as much as 95% with great quality.
  • OCR PDF Text – Convert PDF or image files to searchable text using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software technology. If users are stuck with scanned images or text-heavy documents, it’s easy to full-text OCR that text and use it for search, extraction, and other features. Users can take a picture of text, convert to PDF, then OCR that text for a simple workflow.
  • PDF Accessibility – Convert PDF files to PDF/UA to make them accessible to assistive reader technologies. This is immensely helpful for professors, teachers, and educators of all grades for their educational materials. Accessible PDFs are usually a complicated manual task, but now it’s free and easy to use for all. With PDF Accessibility, the right information gets to those who have visual challenges or learning disabilities and need content converted into the right reading format so the software understands how to communicate the data on the document.

ActivePDF’s suite of PDF tools is now available within DocSpace Online for free without the need of coding experience. The interactive UI is designed specifically for operating in a remote work or learning environment.

Start working in DocSpace Online for free at DocSpace.cloud.

To learn more about DocSpace Online for your organization, contact the ActivePDF Support Team.

If users need more powerful desktop capabilities, they can also try using the original DocSpace for Windows® Desktop.

ActivePDF is the leading global provider of server-side PDF automation tools and digital transformation solutions. Developers, Product Managers, CIOs, and CTOs partner with ActivePDF to embed feature-rich digital transformation technologies directly into their enterprise applications and IIM solutions that reliably scale for millions of users. Originally known for providing low-code…

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