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Person working at a desk two people standing discussing information on a white board MuPDF1.20.0 release

Artifex Software is pleased to announce the release of MuPDF 1.20.0

The MuPDF 1.20.0 release focuses on improving annotations, enhanced form handling, and ease of integration.
About the author: Lisa oversees all marketing initiatives for Artifex including brand, content, inbound and outbound, product, communications, and public relations. Prior to joining Artifex, she held a variety of roles in marketing, … Read more
Lisa Fenn

Lisa Fenn
June 28, 2022

Member News

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Novato, CA June 21, 2022 – Artifex Software, Inc. developer of MuPDF is pleased to announce the release of MuPDF 1.20.0. Artifex is a trusted developer, partner, and provider of core technologies that drive PDF, print, file conversion, and document management solutions. We provide essential software tools to major printer manufacturers, SaaS and Cloud developers, and PDF tools/creation companies.

Highlights for this Release

Several new features have been introduced, focusing on improving annotations, enhanced form handling, and ease of integration. Notable new features include:

  • We’ve added C# bindings, these are experimental and in the early stages of development.
  • Significant additions to JNI bindings include document accelerators, outline iterators, document metadata, improved bookmarks, PDF annotations, embedded file, and more!
  • New API to edit outline.
  • New API to resolve and create links.
  • New API to toggle individual layers in PDF.
  • New API to add a Javascript console.
  • Text search API extended to be able to distinguish between separate search hits.
  • Command line tool improvements.
  • New hybrid HTML output format using “scripts/pdftohtml” script.
  • Improved WASM viewer demo.
  • Update to zlib 1.2.12 for security fix.
  • The usual round of bug fixes, code hygiene, compatibility changes, and incremental improvements.
  • And more!

See the MuPDF 1.20.0 release notes for a full list of fixes and enhancements.

Download MuPDF 1.20.0

For over 25 years Artifex Software has provided premier document solutions to top-level global customers. As the developers of Ghostscript and MuPDF, our world-class rendering and conversion technologies help you build better, faster, more robust products. Develop superior print and document management solutions with Ghostscript’s customizable features, comprehensive conversion capabilities,…

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