axaio releases new MadeToTag version 2.8.124

Karina Zander // May 4, 2023

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axaio just released a new version of MadeToTag, the tool for generating accessible PDF (PDF/UA) from within Adobe InDesign. The update 2.8.124 includes new features as well as a list of improvements to increase the user experience and productivity while working with the software.

With the new version additional menu entries and keyboard shortcuts have been included, which allow to access the individual MadeToTag tasks now directly. This new feature is designed to streamline the working process and to make it faster to jump to one of the seven MadeToTag tasks, without the need going through all tasks back and forth again. The selection of the individual task can be accessed via the MadeToTag flyout menu under "Tasks" and optionally via keyboard shortcuts.

Furthermore a new option to set up a custom template for the meta data and alt text review has been added. This feature allows to customize the review template according to company-internal requirements, e.g. in terms of corporate identity or according to special color schemes etc.

In addition, improvements have been made to the table tagging feature by addressing several issues: Previously, there was a risk of a table mix-up, where MadeToTag has chosen a different table than the one intended by the user. This issue has been fixed, ensuring that the correct table is always selected. Furthermore, the TBody tag will now also be removed from tables when a book is exported to make sure that the table contents are tagged correctly. The MadeToTag book export has been optimised as well, in the way that a local package is always created before export, which provides higher output security.

Further improvements at a glance:

  • Multiple minor adjustments for UI elements
  • Various updates for a more stable processing
  • Update post processing engine
  • Fixed a bug where text moved when link footnotes was enabled

The entire list of the release notes of MadeToTag version 2.8.124 can be reviewed on the axaio website again.

All customers are recommended to download and install version 2.8.124.
A free fully-functional 30-days trial is also available.

Our team is always committed to providing you with the best possible service. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:

With best regards from Berlin,
The axaio team

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Karina Zander

Karina Zander began her professional career in the automotive software industry before moving to the print and publishing branch in 2003. Karina has been active in the field of prepress software commerce for over 15 years. Before joining axaio in 2009, she worked as Marketing Manager for callas software, whose sister company axaio is. At axaio Karina is responsible for …


Karina Zander

Karina Zander began her professional career in the automotive software industry before moving to the print and publishing branch in …