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axaio releases new MadeToTag version 2.9.126

axaio software GmbH // September 12, 2023

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axaio software, developer of solutions for PDF automation as well as for creation of accessible PDF documents, announces the release of a new version of its tagging tool MadeToTag. The update version 2.9.126 introduces a number of improvements and fixes some known issues. Additionally, we would like to point out a new MadeToTag tutorial.

One of the improvements in update version 2.9.126 includes the review of the alternative text feature for images. The overview has been optimized to correctly display all images even if multiple InDesign documents have been opened during the working process. Furthermore, a known InDesign error has been fixed that led to problems when tagging tables when they were arranged over more than one page. This caused error messages in some cases, or the table tags were missing in the exported PDF.

Selection of further improvements in version 2.9.126:

  • Alt text is now applied when entered in "Review alternative text for images", not only on closing the dialog. "Review alternative text for images" shows alternate text for groups in the same way that InDesign does

Fixed a bug where ...

  • Images where outputted twice when using "Optimize anchored frames"
  • Footnotes over multiple pages caused MadeToTag to hang
  • Copy + paste into the save dialog did not work

Improved UI handling

  • Keyboard shortcut state is stored and re-applied after InDesign restart
  • Open task panel is stored and re-applied after InDesign restart
  • Fixed a bug where metadata (author, title, keywords) in MadeToTag task 4 were not applied

The entire list of the release notes of MadeToTag version 2.9.126 can be reviewed at the axaio website.

The new version as well as a free 30-day MadeToTag trial version can be downloaded from the axaio website.

New MadeToTag tutorial video available!

You are invited to take a look into our latest tutorial explaining how to create a correct reading order based on articles with MadeToTag: Watch it now ...

Do you have questions? Do not hesitate to contact us:

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