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Aligning PDF/A and PDF/X LWG

For over a decade, synchronizing the PDF/A (ISO 19005) and PDF/X (ISO 15930) standards has made it relatively easy for users to produce a single PDF that complies with both.  This process relied on manual work by the ISO Project Editor, with detailed reviews by each ISO committee.  Unfortunately, due to differences in ISO document schedules, ISO meeting schedules, inputs from related standards development efforts and other industry requirements, this process is far from perfect.

In the most recent ISO TC 130 WG 2 meeting, the PDF Association (a recognized ISO Category A liaison to both TC 130 and TC 171) volunteered to host a new Liaison Working Group (LWG) to bring together experts from both PDF/X and PDF/A communities. The new LWG’s goal is to provide a more efficient means of working together on updated wording in the forthcoming dated revisions for PDF/A-4 and PDF/X-6. By understanding the technical requirements of each distinct domain, we hope to ensure that as text is updated, as much “reuse” as possible can occur, except where absolutely necessary - and with the consequences of such differences fully appreciated by the members of both working groups.

The Aligning PDF/A and PDF/X LWG is co-chaired by Leonard Rosenthol, PL of PDF/A-4 and PDF/X-6, and Peter Wyatt, CTO of the PDF Association. ISO subject matter experts from each ISO working group and PDF Association members are invited to join the LWG. Membership in the PDF Association is not required in order to participate in any PDF Association Liaison Working Group.

Note that acceptance of the PDF Association’s IPR policy, which mirrors ISO’s IPR policy, is a requirement for all participants.

Members can join the LWG via the Member Area. Non-members should email Betsy Fanning to request access.

Leonard Rosenthol
Leonard Rosenthol

Peter Wyatt
Peter Wyatt
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