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The mission of the DocRM Liaison Working Group is to work collaboratively towards a standard reference model for the long-term preservation of text documents.

Our working group is a collaborative organization of text document specialists from diverse industries. In particular, we will strive to define common understandings and guidance for significant properties within text documents that should be included in the logical structural information to ensure that the document is ideally suited for long-term preservation.  It will not define any specific tools and will remain file-format agnostic. The work will also include an assessment method to quantitatively evaluate the suitability of documents for long-term preservation.

The scope of this group is limited to semantic structural information in the context of long term-preservation of text documents. Membership in the LWG does not provide access to PDF Association members-only resources.

Participation in this LWG is open to all PDF Association members and non-members by invitation. PDF Association members who are interested in helping to establish a standard reference model for long-term preservation of text documents can sign up for this LWG via the Member Area! Non-members should contact Betsy Fanning to learn more about joining the DocRM Liaison Working Group.

Jaime Yoon
Jaime Yoon
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