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The EA-PDF (Email Archiving in PDF) LWG is part of a 24-month-long project led by the University of Illinois. The LWG will build on the planning project supported by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation: A Specification for Using PDF to Package  and Represent Email.

Having obtained a National Leadership Grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services, the University of Illinois has chosen to fund the PDF Association to develop a detailed technical specification defining the interoperable use of PDF (ISO 32000) as an archival medium for email. In a separate effort the University will also fund development of an open-source proof-of-concept implementation of the specification.

As a contractor to the University of Illinois, the PDF Association is establishing an  EA-PDF Liaison Working Group (LWG). The LWG will be the forum  for focusing industry engagement on the specification in partnership with experts from archives and libraries that are interested in contributing to the development of the EA-PDF specification.

Members of the PDF Association can join the EA-PDF LWG by logging into, visiting the Member Area and clicking “Manage Communities”.

The EA-PDF LWG is co-chaired by Peter Wyatt, CTO of the PDF Association, and Chris Prom, Associate Dean for Digital Strategies at the University of Illinois.

Participation by non-members

All PDF Association LWGs are open to non-members who have an explicit interest in the topic. In particular, email technology experts and practicing preservationists who are not members of the PDF Association are welcome to monitor and/or participate in the group’s discussions subject to agreement with the PDF Association’s IPR Policy and Code of Conduct.

To request access to the EA-PDF LWG listserv and meeting calendar email from your business email address and state the nature of your interest in the project.

Chris Prom
Prof. Chris Prom
University of Illinois

Peter Wyatt
Peter Wyatt
PDF Association

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