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TC171 SC2 US WG10 File formats

The ISO TC171 SC2 WG10 committee is the US committee dedicated to providing guidance on the selection criteria to use to determine the appropriate file formats for the storage of digital documents ensuring their long-term accessibility, usability, and exchange. This committee includes records managers and archival experts. 

Members of the committee are subscribed to the WG’s email list, gain access to the draft documents and other benefits.

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Members of the U.S. Technical Advisory Group (TAG) for ISO TC 171 SC 2 may participate in online and in-person WG10 meetings. PDF Association members may join international (ISO) meetings of this WG by informing the PDF Association’s Liaison Officer prior to each meeting, or they may participate via their own countries’ ISO Standards member body.

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PDF Association membership offers many technical benefits to developers and significant marketing value to software publishers.

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