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Datalogics Releases Adobe PDF Converter 3.2

Datalogics, Inc. released a new version of Adobe PDF Converter, an SDK that specializes in converting PostScript files to PDF for easier viewing & distribution.
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New features include New Era Japanese Ligature support and PDF/X-4 compliance

Datalogics, Inc. has released a new version of Adobe PDF Converter, an SDK that specializes in converting PostScript files to PDF for easier viewing & distribution. The updated version of this release is PDFConverter v3.2.0PlusP1b. The new features of this release are listed below.

New Features

  • New features from Adobe PDF Converter SDK 3.2:
    • New Era Japanese Ligature support
    • APC CSL 3.2 has updated CMaps to support the New Era Japanese ligature
    • Algorithm for Image Data conversion in ConvertToIndexedImage() API is optimized to improve performance.
    • Composite font deletion mechanism is improved by adding modification to MakeFontFlush() API.
    • Corrects an issue that prevented the CLS package from initializing
  • New features from Adobe PDFConverter SDK 3.1:
    • PDF/X-4 Compliant PDF generation - APC can now generate and check PDF/X-4 compliant PDFs.
    • Added /PDFX4:2010 as new value of CheckCompliance joboption key for generating PDF/X-4 compliant PDFs.
    • Added Page skip feature for generating PDF of specific pages, this feature can also be used for counting total number of pages in postscript.
    • The following Memory Callbacks have been modified: NSMoreMemoryProc(), NSFreeMemoryProc().
  • New features from Adobe PDFConverter SDK 2.0:
    • 2.1.1 PPML to PDF.
    • The Adobe PDF Converter 2.0 supports conversion of PPML files to PDF. PPML 2.1 is the latest version that is supported as of now.
    • API used for conversion: APCConvertPPMLToPDF().
    • Addition of new keys to the job Options file given to Adobe PDF Converter are: /PassThroughFlateImage: If this parameter is enabled, then input Flate images are bypassed to output PDF document as it is. /DownsampleMonoImageMask: If false, disables the down-sampling of monochrome image masks.
    • Configure RAM Disk Size to change the maximum amount of file size that can be placed in RAM by changing ramDiskSize parameter in NSClientConfig. Increasing this parameter to some extent is known to improve PSToPDF conversion performance.
    • APCConfigureImageJob() product can optionally provide an option to change PDF stream compression.
    • Selectively disable filtering of objects present outside of a pagesize. This can be used to pass information using text outside the page. It can be turned on/off by command line option - deOptimizationLevel.

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Datalogics, Inc. provides a complete SDK for PDF creation, manipulation and management for companies around the globe. Built on Adobe source code, our flagship product Adobe® PDF Library offers a choice of programming platforms and languages along with unsurpassed customer service, proven by our 94% customer retention rate. Datalogics offers…

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