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Details on the upcoming PDF 2.0 Standard

Thomas Merz // September 16, 2016

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PDFlib GmbH has provided a detailed article on the new features and changes in the upcoming PDF 2.0 standard which will be published as ISO 32000-2. Besides new capabilites, many features have been present in Acrobat and existing PDF standards for quite some time. PDF 2.0 will also get rid of several deprecated features.

The article discusses the following topics in detail:

  • Features that have been taken from the earlier Acrobat versions 9, X, and XI.
  • Features that have previously been specified in PDF sub-standards, such as in PDF/A-3, PDF/VT, and PDF/X-4p.

  • New features designed from scratch, notably for Tagged PDF and print production.

  • Deprecated features

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Thomas Merz