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Rene Treuber

Interview with René Treuber, Product Manager of axaio software GmbH, about PDF Days Online 2021

Interview with René Treuber, Product Manager of axaio software GmbH. He talks about the PDF Days Online 2021 and his session “What makes a tagged PDF a proper tagged PDF/UA document?”.

Rene Treuber headshot

PDF Association: At the PDF Days Online 2021, you will be hosting a presentation titled “What makes a tagged PDF a proper tagged PDF/UA document?” – what’s that about?

René Treuber: There are a lot of PDFs out in the field that claim to be tagged or accessible, but if you have a closer look, they might not be. Based on the Matterhorn Protocol, the presentation will help to get an overview of the most important tasks to generate PDF/UA compliant files and will also point out difficulties you have to be aware of.

PDF Association: Who is your presentation aimed at?

René Treuber: The presentation is aimed at all those who need or want to create accessible PDFs and would like to get an initial overview of what they need to pay particular attention to in order to ensure PDF/UA compliance.

PDF Association: What will the people who attend your presentation be able to take away from it?

René Treuber: A red thread that shows which steps are essential in creating PDF/UA-compliant files and how to overcome pitfalls.

PDF Association: The PDF Days Online 2021 has become the leading PDF event. What makes the PDF Days so unique in your mind?

René Treuber: PDF Association is the place where all the knowledge about PDF is at one place. The event offers opportunities for continuing education, development, and the exchange of experiences on the PDF format for various stakeholders. People from different continents are coming together to discuss and share their information on the common PDF theme. On the other side all participants have the great opportunity to speak to international PDF experts in-person. Coming together each year at PDF Days feels like a big PDF family!

PDF Association: Thank you! We look forward to seeing you at the PDF Days Online 2021.

Check out the overall PDF Days agenda and register for Rene's session.

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