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The PDF Association staff delivers a vendor-neutral platform for PDF’s stakeholders, facilitating the development of open specifications and ISO standards for PDF technology.

Staff members include:


PDF Association staff's Publications

PDF Association news March 26, 2024
Authoritative answers to common questions about Tagged PDF, WTPDF and PDF/UA.
Announcement March 15, 2024
Based on WTPDF, ISO 14289-2 serves to assure institutions that the PDF Association’s requirements for creating and validating accessible PDF … Read more
PDF Association news March 15, 2024
Join pdfa.org for exclusive member benefits tailored to PDF development. Our Member Benefit Manager, Melina, engages in insightful discussions with … Read more
PDF in the Wild March 14, 2024
The latest veraPDF release candidate adds PDF/UA-2 support. LibreOffice creates PDF/A and PDF/UA together. A “white paper” gets PDF wrong, … Read more
PDF Association news March 6, 2024
The PDF Association has established a new Liaison Working Group (LWG) to serve as a place for forensics experts and … Read more
PDF Association news February 29, 2024
Well-Tagged PDF (WTPDF), a common specification for both reuse and accessibility, is a massive leap forward for PDF technology.
PDF in the Wild February 12, 2024
PDF Week Online 2024 week 2 is coming up! Did you know that PDF 2.0 adds ARIA to PDF? How … Read more
PDF Association news February 5, 2024
All PDF Association Full and Liaison Members who have joined Technical and/or Liaison Working Groups are welcome for two weeks … Read more
PDF in the Wild January 26, 2024
LibreOffice now supports PDF/UA! AI LLMs’ support for PDF is substandard, and is retarding innovation. Yet more misinformation about malware. … Read more
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