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Introducing PDFix.io: Free Online PDF Processing Toolkit

PDFix // August 25, 2023

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Exciting news for PDF users! Meet PDFix.io - your new go-to for processing PDFs online.

No more software downloads or lengthy waits. It's free, fast, and requires no sign-up. With PDFix.io, you can process and enhance your PDFs in seconds, ensuring accessibility and compliance with PDF/UA standards.

PDFix.io offers a range of free tools with the following features:

  • Make PDF Accessible
  • Add Tags to PDF
  • Auto-fix validation errors
  • Validate PDF/UA
  • Arlington PDF Grammar Check
  • Scrape PDF data
  • Get Document Information
  • PDF to HTML
  • OCR
  • Embed Fonts
  • Flatten Annotations
  • Flatten FormXObjects

Test the tool by simply uploading your PDF and watch the results.

Visit PDFix.io now: https://pdfix.io/

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