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Investintech Launches Able2Extract Professional 16 with Versatile Document Comparison Tool & Improved Table Layout Retention

Investintech PDF Solutions is pleased to announce the release of the latest version of their flagship desktop software, Able2Extract Professional 16. It comes with the innovative new features and engine enhancements that deliver a seamless, simple, and stress-free PDF experience.
About the author: Ivan is the Marketing Manager at Apryse Software Inc., a company that delivers new and innovative ways of working with PDF. He connects people around the world with their award-winning … Read more

Investintech PDF Solutions, the creator of the award-winning Able2Extract Professional, announces the release of the newest and most advanced version of their desktop PDF software. The latest Able2Extract Professional 16 integrates innovative new features and engine enhancements that deliver a seamless, simple, and stress-free PDF experience

User feedback and user experience were at the forefront of development priorities. The latest version expands on the premise of making document management easier and more intuitive for business and home users alike. 

Here is a rundown of what’s new in Able2Extract Professional 16:

Powerful Document Comparison Tool 

The most notable addition to the Able2Extract Professional toolbox is the new Document Comparison utility. 

Users now have the ability to open and compare any two printable documents side by side. Able2Extract Professional 16 accurately detects all relevant differences between the compared content and highlights them even if the documents are in different formats like PDF and Microsoft Excel or Word.  

An overview of unique and similar elements in both documents, along with the total number of differences, is available in the Statistics section. After identifying all differences, users can use the available tools from the Compare toolbar or the new right-click context menu to copy or annotate those changes from one document to another.

Smart Layout Detector for Improved Structure and Style Retention

Investintech’s latest innovations to table conversion technology bring improved retention and transfer of PDF tables into Excel spreadsheets. 

The new, AI-enhanced Smart Layout Detector continuously inspects table structure and cell styles, looking for specific fonts, background colors, border styles, and other unique properties to ensure the most accurate reconstruction in Excel.    

Able2Extract Professional 16 does everything automatically. Users only have to enable the new options before converting the document and focus on analyzing and working with picture-perfect output results. 

Other Improvements and Performance Enhancements 

The improvements for Able2Extract Professional 16 are not limited to only new features. There also various other refinements:

  • Cursor X & Y coordinates: The Footer toolbar now shows the cursor’s exact position for easy navigation and more precise editing of various document elements.  
  • New Context Menu Options: Users can access the most important tools in Custom Excel, Edit Document, and Edit Form modes with a simple right-click operation.
  • Engine and Compatibility: Faster conversion engine and overall performance tweaks to ensure it runs smoothly on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. 

Able2Extract Professional 16 is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux. Those who are interested can download the 7-day free trial here.

We’re Investintech.com Inc., a Canadian company incorporated in 2000, and we’re the developer and publisher of our own proprietary PDF technology. It’s used in desktop, server, developer, web, and mobile products worldwide. Millions in over 150 countries have used our flagship PDF software – Able2Extract Professional. As a company, we…

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