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Lecturing brought up-to-date: PDF Annotator 6.1 is now taking off in universities worldwide

PDF Annotator 6.1, the PDF markup tool for Windows, has just been released. The application comes with a completely revamped full screen mode, perfect for PDF presentations in schools and universities.

Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Oxford: More and more universities all over the world are seeing PDF Annotator appear in their lecture halls, allowing for a more contemporary, interactive experience. Version 6.1 comes with a completely revamped Full Screen Mode.

PDF Annotator is a Windows program that lets users mark up and revise existing PDF documents on their screen. When revising texts, they can even insert handwritten comments in a document.

Oliver Grahl of GRAHL software design: "Our software has been available for the past 12 years. It can be found in over 1,100 universities all over the world, including such renowned institutions as Harvard, MIT, Yale, Stanford and Princeton in the USA and Cambridge and Oxford in the UK. It can be used to comment on students' written work, as well as to facilitate note-taking during lectures."

PDF Annotator 6.1: Practical uses in universities and schools

One thing professors and teaching assistants especially appreciate is Version 6.1's fully redesigned Full Screen Mode. Instead of an ordinary computer, they find that they can use a tablet computer like Microsoft's Surface Pro connected to a projector in the room. Thus, they need not direct their attention away from the students in order to write something on a board. They can simply use previously prepared slides that can be completed and annotated in the course of a lecture.

Oliver Grahl: "This is the next phase of teaching. At the end of the lecture, the instructor saves the updated PDF file and makes it available for students to download. Students no longer need to write things down, and can instead concentrate on what the instructor is saying."

What works in the university also makes sense in the school classroom. Over a thousand schools have already licensed PDF Annotator. Pupils can hand in their homework as a PDF file, and teachers can use the software to illustrate the material without the need for a blackboard or a whiteboard. What's even better: with a wireless network in place, teachers can bring the tablet to a pupil's desk to have them fill in a blank or complete a sketch.

PDF Annotator 6.1: Completely revamped Full Screen Mode

Given the number of educational institutions using PDF Annotator, it's easy to see how suggestions for improvements can come about. This has led to a complete redesign of the Full Screen Mode in Version 6.

This option eliminates all distracting menu bars, so that the actual document can take up the maximum available space.

Oliver Grahl: "We have made it possible for all the important tools to be right at hand. Properties such as stroke thickness or color can quickly be changed. Power users can configure up to 40 separate buttons. The system adapts to either portrait or landscape orientation, depending on how the tablet is held. We also support the high-resolution monitors that are becoming more and more common. A new toolbar with thumbnails and bookmarks, also available in Full Screen Mode, makes navigating through a PDF effortless."

Learn more about PDF Annotator

What's New in PDF Annotator 6.1

PDF Annotator 6.1: Test our new version for 30 days

PDF Annotator Version 6.1 can be downloaded free of charge from our website for evaluation purposes. Special pricing is available for students, schools and universities. Attractive discounts are also available when multiple licenses are purchased.

Download PDF Annotator Trial

More about GRAHL software design

The firm of GRAHL software design has been serving customers since 1996. The team surrounding engineer Oliver Grahl is concentrated on PDFs and software for tablet PCs. The firm's best known product for editing PDF files, PDF Annotator®, was given a boost through Microsoft's tablet PC contest "Does Your Application Think in Ink?" which awarded it a prize in 2004. More awards and uniformly positive evaluations from customers and the technical press have followed. Today, PC Annotator is being used by several hundred thousands of persons around the world. Further information can be found at: www.PDFAnnotator.com/en/aboutus.

Since 1996, we create great software for people all over the world. Our flagship product PDF Annotator® for commenting and editing PDF files has been awarded at the Microsoft Tablet PC Contest “Does Your Application Think in Ink?” amoung eleven out of 260 software products. PDF Annotator has been in…

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