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Mako Core™ offers rapid and accurate conversion of Page Description Language (PDL) files on multiple platforms for Celiveo

Global Graphics Software // June 16, 2023

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Celiveo 365 is a cyber-secure document printing technology that adds pull print and MFP access control to the Universal Print service. It ensures documents and digital information are accounted for and not misappropriated, and users don’t waste time looking for a working printer or for their documents.

The Challenge

The team at Celiveo wanted to enhance Celiveo 365 by adding a feature to accurately analyze print jobs at the time they are produced, thereby providing intelligent rule-based printing. To do this, the technology needed to extract and parse metadata, such as the number of pages in the print job, the paper format and size, whether it is a single-sided or duplex job, and whether it is pure black monochrome or any color pixel content (Cyan, Magenta or Yellow) exists.

Celiveo 365 also needed to accurately convert between PDLs such as Postscript, PCL5, PCL/XL and PDF on MS Windows, MacOS and Linux, and with a very small footprint.

The Solution

The team at Celiveo chose Global Graphics Software’s Mako Core™, an SDK that uses its own unique intelligent Document Object Model (iDOM) to interrogate and change virtually any aspect of a digital document across multiple platforms and PDLs. Mako is especially good for cloud app development, as its small footprint is well suited to containerization for scalable cloud implementations on Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Jean-Francois d’Estalenx, CEO and president of Celiveo comments: “Mako provided an interesting technology that covers PCL5/6, Postscript and PDF; it is also fast and accurate. The support for Windows, MacOS and Linux also fulfilled the OS support requirement for Celiveo 365 perfectly.

Justin Bailey, managing director at Global Graphics Software adds: “Celiveo had specific requirements for a very small distribution of Mako code. For Mako to meet these requirements, the team at Global Graphics produced a custom build of the technology to meet their needs.”

Jean-Francois continues: “Mako engineers did a good job of streamlining the code to provide the print job analyzer as a reduced-size DLL that does not bloat the Celiveo virtual printer’s installation packages. Global Graphics also provided specific print expertise to deliver exactly what we needed to meet our criteria.

“We looked at other technologies, but they mostly only handled a single PDL type. The beauty of Mako Core is that it can handle all the PDL formats we need in a single SDK.

“We found the Mako Core business model to be highly competitive. We also only need to license a single technology and our developers only have to be familiar with one technology that is very versatile and provides opportunity for further feature enhancement in the future.”

The Result

“Mako Core was simple to integrate and is well documented. Having good sample code gave the Celiveo developers a head start and they had something functioning the way they wanted in days.

“Mako Core met our requirement perfectly to expand existing and create new document management features. We are currently using the print jobs analyzer and are considering Mako’s other capabilities for features we plan to introduce into our next version of Celiveo 365,” concludes Jean-Francois.

About Celiveo

Celiveo is a printer-brand-agnostic, highly innovative company developing cyber security solutions to protect documents in printers and MFP fleets in mid to large corporations including governments and hospitals. Celiveo’s innovative technology does not leverage from any servers; it is fully distributed and developed to scale for companies with tens of thousands of printers and MFPs across the world, while also being easily usable by mid-size companies with a few dozen printers.

Global Graphics Software develops intelligent software components for digital print. An expert in PDF since the early days of the format, Global Graphics has always taken an active role in industry standards setting bodies and associations and for many years our former distinguished technologist, Martin Bailey, played a key role, …

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