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VIGC, the Flemish Innovation Center for Graphic Communication, is the knowledge center for the graphic arts industry. Graphic industry should be seen as broad as possible. Printing companies, prepress houses … are just a small part of a large ecosystem. An ecosystem that becomes bigger and bigger, thanks to new technology: designers, writers, publishers, photographers, prepress houses, printers, finishing and fulfillment companies. All of these players are interconnected: the job of one of them has a strong influence on the job of the other. A major task of VIGC, as a knowledge center, is to follow up on new technologies and new evolutions in the market space. But VIGC also assists companies in the world of graphic communication that embrace innovation. We assist companies that are looking for a higher degree of efficiency, for innovation in processes and products. VIGC is a member organisation, located in Turnhout (Belgium). Most of our activities, like our magazine and our seminars, are in Dutch. However, some seminars and some services can be delivered in English, upon request.

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Liaison Member
Joined April 2012
Headquartered in Belgium

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