October 2023: PDF Week & the Symposium on Advancing PDF’s Imaging Model

PDF Week in San Francisco this October is hosting a free industry Symposium on Advancing the PDF Imaging Model! There’s still time to register!


PDF malformations and more

Funky (but legit!) PDF, sneaky malware PDF, poisoned PDF, PDF for LEGO, NASA does PDF… it’s a wild PDF world out there!

pdf code that may be malformed

ChatGPT can do magic, but doesn’t solve problems when extracting text from PDF 

LLMs and generative artificial intelligence, as much (or more) than everything else computers can do, is subject to the iron law of GIGO (Garbage in, Garbage Out).

Screen-shot of ChatGPT hallucination due to broken pdf.

How big can your PDF page be?

The most recent specification of PDF doesn’t limit page size… at all. That’s up to the implementation.

Screenshot of a tweet showing a notional PDF overlaid on a map of Europe.