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Dr. Tamir Hassan

Tamir Hassan ​has over a decade of experience in the area of document engineering. After writing his doctoral thesis on the topic ​User-Guided Information Extraction from Print-Oriented Documents, ​he worked as a researcher in academia, and more recently in the Printing and Content Delivery Laboratory of HP Labs. He now works as an independent researcher and consultant offering solutions for round-trip processing of PDF documents (i.e. both the conversion of formatted documents to structured form and the automated creation of of formatted documents from structured content or data).

Tamir is a regular contributor to the ACM Symposium on Document Engineering. In 2016, he was the Program Chair and has been active in the Steering Committee since then. He represents Austria in the ISO Technical Committee for PDF (TC171/SC2) via Austrian Standards International and has been a member of the PDF Association since 2017.

Tamir Hassan

Dr. Tamir Hassan's Publications

Presentation April 26, 2022
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Presentation January 7, 2020
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Announcement May 13, 2019
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