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Michael Demey

Michael smiling in Leuven

Research Manager
at Apryse

Michael Demey's Publications

Presentation April 22, 2022
PDF is one of the most used document formats in the world! This is a fact we should all be … Read more
Presentation April 22, 2022
A staple in the toolbox of the Software Engineer is a solid test suite. Unit tests, Integration tests, and System … Read more
Presentation June 5, 2021
As we all know, PDF files are a structural marvel. There are many ways of constructing a file while still … Read more
Presentation June 23, 2020
Remember when you used to get manuals with video games? We all lament the loss of those manuals (at least I … Read more
Presentation January 6, 2020
Developers (should) know how to test their applications and systems, but this doesn’t always cover a very important aspect of … Read more
Presentation January 6, 2020
Ever wanted to take shortcuts to getting the most out of your PDF files? Ever felt that you need to … Read more
Presentation January 6, 2020
In this lightning talk we will discuss a curious PDF that left our developers scratching their heads! We will take … Read more
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