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Accessibility Services and Documents | Office Support

Produced by PC & EDV Support

Accessible documents and offers ensure that the content and services are accessible and usable for all output devices and user groups.

You need background information and advice, training and support, or a service provider to implement accessible documents. We would be happy to assist you in all matters.


Training of your employees in the Office products in order to obtain optimal and broad-based requirements for accessible documents.

Training and advice for DTP and Internet editors for the final processing and quality assurance of accessible PDF documents.

Support and service

Creation, revision, checking and correction of accessible PDF files based on existing Office, DTP or PDF documents.

Creation of Office document templates and Office-Design.


»Barrierefreie PDF-Dokumente erstellen«
"Create accessible PDF documents"

The practical manual for everyday work - With examples for implementation in Adobe InDesign and Microsoft Office / LibreOffice

Book-Cover "Barrierefreie PDF-Dokumente erstellen" / "Create accessible PDF documents"

Tenders for the creation of layouts and print templates, especially by public clients, increasingly contain the requirement for additional delivery of accessible PDFs.

However, many of those involved in the production processes lack the relevant knowledge to be able to meet this requirement.

Now we can help: In May 2019, our practical handbook for accessible PDF documents was published.

Unfortunately, barrier-free PDF documents are not created with a few simple clicks of the mouse. In order to publish efficiently and sustainably without barriers, the content must be designed and prepared accordingly.

Despite its size, this modular book is a practical guide that gives you the knowledge you need to implement it with the common programs.

Further information (DE): www.df-edv.de/pdf-buch.html

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