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Adobe PDF Library

Produced by Datalogics

Build with the same core technology that Adobe uses to build Acrobat

  • Create, edit, inspect, render, and print PDFs
  •  C++, C#, .NET and Java interfaces and extensive code samples
  • Futureproof and fully-supported by PDF experts

Incorporate Adobe's PDF technologies into your own applications

The Adobe PDF Library SDK is a low-level PDF library that contains a powerful set of native C/C++ APIs with interfaces  for .NET and Java APIs. Systems integrators, independent software vendors (ISVs), enterprise IT developers, and others can integrate Adobe PDF functionality within custom applications in a client and / or server environment.


We have hundreds of customers using the Adobe PDF Library in a diverse set of enterprise applications. Some of the most commonly-used features include:

  • Create PDFs
  • Edit PDFs
  • Assemble PDFs
  • Embed and subset fonts
  • View & Render PDF files
  • Add Annotations
  • Add watermarks
  • Password-protect PDF files
  • Extract text, metadata, images, & graphics
  • Convert to PDF/A
  • PDF optimization

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