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Allyant PDF Accessibility Assessment & Remediation Service

Produced by Allyant

About Allyant's PDF Remediation Services

The Allyant verification and remediation service includes everything you need to ensure your documents are 100% accessible.

Here’s everything you receive from the world’s leading service:

  • Scan, identify, and fix accessibility issues in document holdings.
  • Review and correct the logical structure of the file.
  • Check and correct tables, including tagging/redesigning complex tables.
  • Review and create alternative text if necessary.
  • Fix the Content Order view to enhance its use on mobile devices.
  • Review, verify, and fix script functionality.
  • Review form elements and address accessibility issues.
  • Test each document with one or more tags-aware assistive technologies.
  • Ensure the document passes Adobe’s Acrobat Accessibility Checker.
  • Provide a Section 508 or a WCAG AA conformance certificate for each document.

About Allyant

Allyant was launched in August of 2022 and represents the combination of three globally recognized accessibility solutions companies, including T-Base Communications, CommonLook and Accessible360. Now, Allyant’s sole focus as a single entity is making accessibility simple, seamless, and efficient for organizations—ensuring equitable access to information for people with disabilities.

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