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axaio MadeToTag

Produced by axaio software GmbH

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Create tagged, accessible PDF/UA from within Adobe® InDesign®

axaio MadeToTag is an Adobe InDesign plug-in to prepare InDesign documents for export as accessible, tagged PDF – fast and reliable. The PDFs generated with MadeToTag comply with the terms of the ISO standard PDF/UA for universally accessibility.

For all those who have to create accessible PDFs on a regular base, will get with MadeToTag an easy-to-use tool that considerably simplifies and speeds up preparation and creation steps. Its intuitive UI guides the user through 7 steps, which are necessary to export the document as a PDF/UA compliant document. Various check ups and problem locators/correctors give you the safty that all parts were processed properly and no step was forgotten. MadeToTag even tags very complex table structures by rows and columns, so that the relations between the cells are given.

Fields of application

Tagged PDFs are essential for accessibility, so that screen reader devices for visually impaired people or reading software for users with learning disabilities can provide rich access to a PDF’s content. Tagged PDFs also enable screen reader software programs to offer easy navigation and accessible presentation of content in PDF files. Properly tagged PDF files are highly relevant in the public sector, but are also gaining more and more relevance in various companies. Legal requirements for physically impaired people and for accessibility in the information technology (such as described in the German BGG, BITV and EU mandate 376) impose that the public sector offers all content – webpages as well as PDF documents – in an accessible form. But also media service providers, insurance companies, representatives of associations and institutions as well as colleges and unversities increasingly consider it their duty to have their written materials available as accessible documents. – Nothing simpler than that – with MadeToTag.

On top of that, PDF tags are an effective method to improve your company’s Search Engine Optimization. The tags in the PDF file follow concepts similar to those found in HTML. Properly used tags place websites higher in the search engine rankings.


  • Supports Adobe InDesign CC 2017 – ID 2021
  • For Windows and Mac
  • Available in multiple languages

Key Features

  • Defines export tags for document styles
  • Practical color highlight check of the export tags
  • Structures content using articles
  • Corrects tagging of lists, links and table of content
  • Provides alternate text for images and graphics
  • Easy tagging of complex tables by table rows and columns
  • Allocation of languages used in the document for an enhanced language output
  • Repair features for common problems as incorrectly defined lists, empty paragraphs; etc.
  • Reliable processing of tags included in anchored frame, i.e. titles and lists
  • Comfortable handling of interactive form fields
  • Control document metadata
  • Check for insufficient color contrast
  • Export of complete InDesign books as tagged PDF
  • Keyboard shortcuts for quickest MadeToTag operation
  • Tagging preview to intuitively and quickly check tagging quality based on callas pdfGoHTML
  • Guided user interface flow for easy handling
  • Export as tagged PDF based on the PDF/UA Standard (=Universal Accessibility)
  • Export as PDF/UA-2a for longterm archiving with tagged content 


  • Correct, fast generation of tagged, accessible PDFs from within Adobe InDesign 
  • Export of PDF/UA from within Adobe InDesign
  • Reliable results through built-in control checks
  • Allows reliable and comprehensive tagging of contents in a short amount of time
  • Accessible PDF documents in only seven steps
  • Provides support for legal requirements for physically impaired people and for accessibility in information technology (such as described in the German BGG, BITV and EU Mandate 376)

Product Type

Windows MacOS Plugin End user

Tagged PDF creation PDF/UA creation
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