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callas pdfaPilot SDK

Produced by callas software GmbH

Close integration pdfapilot-logo_sdk-rgb

pdfaPilot SDK is a software development kit that allows for integration of the pdfaPilot functionality in the closest possible way inside your own application. Because pdfaPilot SDK doesn't rely on command-line or hot folder integration, it provides seamless development integration with the highest level of control for the parent application.

Supported environments

pdfaPilot SDK provides a native C library that provides easy integration in C code or – through included header files – in C++ projects. Additional wrappers cater for .NET or Java environments. pdfaPilot SDK is available for Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, Sun Solaris and IBM AIX making it an extremely flexible way to integrate the pdfaPilot functionality.

Jumpstarting your development

pdfaPilot SDK comes with developer documentation but also with a number of extensive samples to show off the broad feature set of the SDK and to get you started in your development project. These samples are of course not production code, but they provide a jump-start for your developers that will facilitate quick integration of the SDK.

Great ROI with proven quality and reliability

Building on pdfaPilot SDK gives you immediate access to all of the PDF/A capabilities of pdfaPilot, embedded in your application. callas software keeps close tabs on existing and emerging PDF/A developments and makes sure your applications remain up-to-date. This allows you to concentrate on your own strengths while using a reliably, easily customizable library to take care of your PDF/A requirements. The speed, quality and reliability of the pdfaPilot engine are undisputed; more than 60 OEM customers use the SDK worldwide; amongst those many well-known names such as Adobe, Foxit, Mitsubishi, Quark, Xerox. The list is a testament to the quality of pdfaPilot SDK and to the professional way in which callas software supports its customers.

pdfaPilot SDK versus pdfaPilot CLI

Because callas provides two integration solutions for the pdfaPilot engine - pdfaPilot CLI and pdfaPilot SDK – the question comes up which of the two would be the ideal for your workflow. In general the differences between the two solutions are minimal and in the end much will depend on your integration resources and your familiarity with command-line or library integration. Some of the important differences are:

  • pdfaPilot SDK provides a complete set of callback functions to let you control PDF processing as it takes place. This provides a closer integration than possible with pdfaPilot CLI which relies on return codes and information through stdout and XML reports.
  • Both solutions fully support parallel processing: pdfaPilot CLI through parallel processes (organized by the operating system) and pdfaPilot SDK through parallel threads (through the use of a special extension package bundled with every library).
  • Variables to customize quality control and PDF fixing are supported by pdfaPilot CLI and pdfaPilot SDK alike. Additionally pdfaPilot SDK has possibilities to manipulate preflight profiles (allowing to duplicate, merge or modify preflight profiles in code).
  • If your application already integrates with the Adobe PDF Library, pdfaPilot SDK offers the additional benefit of allowing you to open PDF documents with the Adobe PDF Library and then manipulating them with pdfaPilot SDK. This sort of cooperation is not possible with pdfaPilot CLI.

pdfaPilot for OEM customers

pdfaPilot is used by many OEM customers worldwide integrated into their own products, mainly for document and email archiving based on the PDF/A standard, and for analysis, processing and conversion of office and print PDFs. Our OEM customers' products are used in government agencies, finance or in the industry for archiving, document management, email management, product live cycle management and much more. For more information, click here.

Product Type

API / SDK Windows MacOS Linux Server Developer tool Workflow management Utility

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