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Docspro Advanced PDF Creator

Produced by Docspro B.V.

A must have for Kofax customers who are looking for fast and reliable conversion of their scanned documents to compliant PDF documents while retaining the original quality of the image using best-in-class compression techniques.

Together with Foxit/LuraTech, Docspro has developed an add-on-module for Kofax to integrate the PDF Compressor product with Kofax. This unique joint effort has resulted in a tight integration between both Kofax and Foxit for mass-converting and compressing scanned documents. The unique features of the PDF Compressor product allows Kofax customers to not only convert scanned documents to compliant PDF/A documents, but retain the original quality of the document by using award-winning best-in-class MRC compression with compression ratios of 1:100 or even better. Not only will this limit the amount of storage required, but also exchanging documents requires less bandwidth. On top of this all documents processed by the Docspro Advanced PDF Creator can be converted to full-text-searchable PDF documents allowing users to search for specific text-phrases in a PDF document.

For more information please visit www.docspro.nl or contact Docspro at +31 (0) 172 419 334 or mailto: sales@docspro.nl

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