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Maestro Server OCR

Produced by Foxit Corporation

Foxit’s Maestro Server OCR converts paper and scanned documents into searchable PDF files. Engineered for automated, high-volume document scanning & OCR needs, Maestro replaces manual document processes with fast, cost-efficient operations.

Maestro automates the OCR process by converting any document as it enters a watched folder according to configurable settings chosen by the user. Beyond OCR automation, Maestro incorporates unlimited multi-threading and batch OCR to accommodate high-volume scanning, up to billions of pages per year to make Maestro a robust enterprise OCR software solution.

Maestro is designed for high OCR accuracy, speed, and simplicity. The software delivers highly accurate text recognition rates by utilizing in-house PDF expertise as well as a proprietary voting OCR engine. Further, Maestro can process up to 6,000 pages per hour per core (on average) to handle the highest volume environments while accelerating business processes and improving labor productivity. It is a flexible OCR solution which integrates easily into existing document imaging workflows while providing multiple workflow accessibility, allowing users to perform many image processing functions beyond OCR.

Product Type

Windows Server End user
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