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PDF Extra for Windows

Produced by MobiSystems, Inc.

PDF Extra for Windows is a powerful PDF editor and converter that features a streamlined workflow and an instantly recognizable user interface. The software includes all essential features optimized to meet the needs of any home office or small enterprise, including the ability to fully customize each PDF – from changing the page order, formatting settings, and inserting comments and annotations to editing texts and images and signing documents. 

Other useful features include a built-in converter that supports the most popular file formats (Word, Excel, ePub, etc.), the option to merge or split PDFs, file compression so that each document takes up noticeably less space, and file encryption using industry-standard protocols (AES or RC4) and up to two passwords. To ensure that no important data is lost due to some system hiccup or human error and that everything remains accessible across all devices, PDF Extra also comes with an integrated cloud system – the MobiDrive.


Edit and convert

PDF Extra’s powerful editing capabilities allow users to:

  • Edit and resize everything they see – text, images, and anything in between
  • Scan PDFs, split them in half, merge them together or create blank PDFs
  • Insert images from their PC or laptop or from a quick online search
  • Place bookmarks on important bits of information for easier navigation
  • Convert PDFs to popular file formats: Word / Excel / ePub / JPEG

Combine and compress 

With PDF Extra, what was once a rigid document structure turns into a creative playground. Users have granular control over every document outline – from rearranging the page order and rotating or duplicating pages all the way to extracting and deleting pages or adding new ones to the mix. Once they’re done, users can then significantly shrink the document’s file size with just a few clicks thanks to the powerful built-in compression algorithms.

Backup and protect 

To prevent any important documents from falling into the wrong hands, PDF Extra comes equipped with a handful of tools to ensure complete user privacy. Users can:

  • Restrict the editing, opening, or printing of PDF files to specific people only;
  • Shield and restrict sensitive documents with secure passwords;
  • Add an extra layer of protection with digital certificates encryption;
  • Upload copies of important documents in the secure MobiDrive cloud.

Fill and sign 

Users can fill out forms or sign any document in seconds by simply drawing the information in, typing it out, using a saved signature, or attaching an image. They can also stamp documents, insert free-form text, add date and time, and insert “X” or check marks. 

Comment and annotate

Commenting on any PDF document is made a breeze thanks to the extensive variety of markup tools available. Some of these include:

  1. Adding, editing, or removing annotations;
  2. Inserting free-form texts and adding comments;
  3. Highlighting texts in different colors;
  4. Adding stamps, such as Approved or Void;
  5. Advanced features, like striking through texts and drawing mode.

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A snapshot with a summary of the functionalities of PDF Extra for Windows

Product Type

Windows End user PDF viewer/printer
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