pdfRest API Toolkit

Produced by Datalogics

pdfRest API Toolkit is the easiest way to integrate PDF processing capabilities into any business application or workflow. Made by developers, for developers, its REST API format is simple to learn with powerful customization features.


pdfRest API Toolkit includes all of the PDF processing tools you'll need, designed and developed by PDF experts with decades of digital document experience to make your job easy.

Add to PDF Compress PDF Convert to PDF
Convert to PDF/A Convert to PDF/X Decrypt PDF
Encrypt PDF Export Form Data Flatten Annotations
Flatten Forms Flatten Layers Flatten Transparencies
Import Form Data Linearize PDF Merge PDFs
PDF to Images Query PDF Restrict PDF
Split PDF Unrestrict PDF Upload Files
Watermark PDF Zip Files

Get up and running fast with our API Lab - an intuitive interface to learn the tools and parameters, build code automatically, send API calls directly from the website, and download output files.


pdfRest also offers a Postman Collection with preconfigured API calls ready to send and a GitHub repository with functional sample code in JavaScript, Python, PHP, and cURL.


Gold-standard processing powered by Adobe® PDF Library™ ensures the highest quality results. Get started for free with no commitment, and send your first API call in seconds, guaranteed.

Get your free API Key to start processing PDFs in seconds, only possible with pdfRest