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PDFix Desktop Pro

Produced by PDFix

PDFix Desktop Pro is a professional PDF accessibility remediation software and a complex solution for PDF AccessibilityPDF Conversion and Data Extraction designed for professionals and businesses of all sizes.

PDFix Desktop creates fully accessible PDF/UA documents, from a simple manual remediation to a fully automated process powered by AI engines. PDFix Desktop supports PDF/UA-1 validation according to the Matterhorn Protocol.


  • Automated layout and complex structure recognition
  • Auto-Tag for adding tags to an untagged PDF
  • Easy tables and lists tagging from the selection
  • Processing links and annotations
  • Full customization of the validation profile(WCAG, Section 508)
  • Navigation to problematic element
  • Both auto-fix and manual-fix options
  • Compatible with PAC, Adobe Acrobat
  • Conversion to Responsive HTML
  • Conversion to JSON
  • Paragraphs, tables, images, lists, headers, footers extraction
  • Batch PDF conversions
  • Data scraping powered by AI

Watch PDFix YouTube for technical how-tos and detailed step-by-step video tutorials of the product, or visit our BLOG.