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Solimar Redaction Engine

Produced by Solimar Systems

Protecting confidentiality with dynamic redaction

Removing sensitive data from transactional documents is vital to maintaining confidentiality, security, supporting compliance initiatives, and protecting recipient privacy. Solimar’s Redaction Engine dynamically removes content with automated template-driven indexing and redaction workflows. Text, comment, and image information can be completely removed or replaced with alternative content and not simply covered up. Once redacted, information is permanently removed from the document and cannot be retrieved in the future. Solimar’s Redaction Engine provides a high-speed automated production workflow for conditionally redacting content from documents.


Solimar Systems Redaction Engine - Before
Solimar Systems Redaction Engine - Before
Solimar Systems Redaction Engine - After
Solimar Systems Redaction Engine - After


  • GUI based solution for template design and processing engine instances
  • Conditional logic can be based on complex regular expressions or by simply drawing a bounding box around elements on the page
  • Pre-defined data types such as date, SSN, email are included in templates and custom data types can be added for re-usability
  • Supports high-volume production workflows without manual processes
  • Redacted information can be exported to support verification and reporting processes
  • Designed with open integration into overall production workflows

The Solimar Redaction Engine requires SDX Designer to create the indexing templates needed to redact information from a document. In addition, SOLfusion is required to run the engine to perform the redaction. More advanced workflows can take advantage of running the Redaction Engine straight from the command line instead of using SOLfusion to run the engine.

Find out more on solimarsystems.com

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