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SOLindexer – PDF Indexing Tools

Produced by Solimar Systems

SOLindexer is a suite of PDF indexing tools for Adobe® Acrobat® and Reader® that provides an easy-to-use method for rapidly locating relevant information within transactional PDF documents. SOLindexer is comprised of two components: SDX Designer to visually define index fields, and SOLfinder™ plug-in user interface to search indexed documents. Note: SOLfinder™ installs separately from the Solimar Indexing Tools installation.

Solimar Indexing Tools teams with Rubika® and the Solimar® Print Director® Enterprise (SPDE) to provide advanced PDF manipulation capabilities.

SOLindexer provides advanced PDF manipulation capabilities:

  • Indexing Automation
  • Splitting to facilitate PDF archiving
  • Merging and sorting PDF content to achieve bulk mailing discounts
  • Concatenation
  • Automating insertion (enveloping)
  • Automating finishing (paper selection and two-sided printing)
  • Adding forms and opaquing sensitive data

Click on the link to learn more about our PDF Indexing Tool, SOLindexer 

Solimar Systems, SOLindexer, PDF Indexing Tool

Product Type

Windows Workflow management
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