Qoppa Software releases a new HTML-based solution to annotate PDF documents in any browser and any platform

Leila Holmann // December 15, 2016

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Qoppa Software has released a new HTML-based solution allowing to annotate and markup PDF documents in any browser and any platform (Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android), without any plugin. This solution replaces Qoppa's existing applet-based solutions for the web.

The new PDF Markup Module in Qoppa's PDF Automation Server product allows to display and markup PDFs in a way that is fully integrated in any web application, right in the browser, without the need of a Java plugin or any other plugin.

The PDF Automation Server PDF HTML Markup Module delivers the following features:

  • Convert PDF to HTML5 and serve the content directly to the browser. Converting to HTML5 means that the browser is displaying the PDF content directly, so there is no need for a plugin and therefore there is no plugins needed at all. The HTML5 content can be displayed inside the browser as part of a web application and is supported by all browsers, including in mobile devices.
  • Browser side module, developed in HTML and JavaScript that provides viewing, navigation and markup tools. This module interacts with the PDF Automation Server to request PDF content on demand, displays the content to the end user, and provides a set of annotation tools to add and edit annotations on the PDF.
  • On save, the browser side module will package and send back the annotations edits to the PDF Automation Server to be merged back into the PDF document.
  • PDF Automation Server delivers this module, and additional functionality, through a REST API, providing many more PDF functions in addition to the markup functions. This gives flexibility in accessing the server from web applications as well as the PDF functions that can be offered to end-users. The server is self-contained and requires no additional software. Once installed, it is up and running with very little effort.

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Read more about PDF Automation Server Markup module and download an evaluation version from Qoppa’s website.

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