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ISO 16684-1

Extensible metadata platform (XMP) – Part 1: Data model, serialization and core properties

This document defines two essential components of XMP metadata:

  • Data model: The data model is the most fundamental aspect. This is an abstract model that defines the forms of XMP Metadata items, essentially the structure of statements that XMP can make about resources.
  • Serialization: The serialization of XMP defines how any instance of the XMP data model can be recorded as XML.

In addition, this document defines a collection of core properties, which are XMP metadata items that can be applied across a broad range of file formats and domains of usage.

The embedding of XMP packets in specific file formats and domain-specific XMP properties are beyond the scope of this document.

XMP Part 1 was first published by ISO in 2012 and was based on previous Adobe documentation.

For more information, refer to the PDF Association’s Technical Resources.


Technical questions about ISO 16684 are most effectively addressed in the PDF Association’s official pdf-issues GitHub repo.


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