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PDF/VT Application Notes

The PDF/VT Application Notes discuss topics that aid implementers of PDF/VT workflow tools and demonstrate the various design features of the PDF/VT file format.

The document was developed by the PDF/VT Competence Center of the PDF Association, in close cooperation with, and at the request of ISO TC 130 WG 2 TF 3 (PDF/VT), and with the assistance of NPES. Some portions have been adopted from the "Do PDF/VT Right" guide published by Global Graphics (primarily sections 2 and 3 in this document). Special thanks also go to Christoph Oeters (Sofha), Martin Bailey (Global Graphics), Paul Jones (Teclyn bv) and Tim Donahue for their extensive contributions to this text, and to InfoTrends and Caslon & Co for allowing the use of their survey data.

This document is intended to supplement ISO 16612-2:2010 - "Graphic technology - Variable data exchange Part 2: Using PDF/X-4 and PDF/X-5 (PDF/ VT-1 and PDF/VT-2)". It is assumed that a reader of this application note is familiar with the PDF/VT standard, as well as the PDF and PDF/X data formats.




Freely available under a CC-BY 4.0 license.

Published by the PDF Association

January 3, 2016



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