Tagged PDF Best Practice Guide: Syntax

A publication of the PDF/UA Technical Working Group, this document is intended for developers implementing tagged PDF and PDF/UA. Others (including authors with some technical knowledge of PDF’s accessibility mechanisms) may also benefit from this document.

This guide is also intended to be useful for those performing detailed accessibility testing on PDF documents claiming conformance with PDF/UA, or on PDF documents claiming to be accessible according to some other specification.

Keep in mind that as of today most PDF documents do not follow these recommendations.

The latest update to the original Tagged PDF Best Practice Guide includes detailed guidance for all structure element types and attributes, and provides guidance for PDF 2.0.

The previous version of this document has been retired. Any issues or concerns with this publication can be logged by creating an issue in this GitHub repository. These issues will be addressed in future editions of this publication.

NOTE: It has come to our attention that the present edition of this document includes some significant problems impacting accessibility. We'll repost it soon.


Cover of Tagged PDF Best Practice Guide.


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June 10, 2019



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