Technical Note 0010: Clarifications of ISO 19005, parts 1-3 for developers of PDF/A creators and validators

This Technical Note was produced by the PDF Association’s PDF Validation Technical Working Group (TWG). The TWG developed this content in the context of an in-depth review of existing ISO 19005 (PDF/A) specifications conducted between October, 2014 and December, 2016.

Consistent with the work of the PDF Validation TWG, the understandings specified in this TechNote have been realized in test files produced as part of the veraPDF Test Suite. The test files pertinent to these resolutions are available in the veraPDF Test Corpus on GitHub.


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Freely available under a CC-BY 4.0 license.

Published by the PDF Association © 2017

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Community: PDF/A TWG

ISO Group Responsible: ISO TC171 SC2 WG5

ISO Status: status of all PDF-related ISO work

Publications: PDF/A in a Nutshell 2.0, PDF/A Flyer

Test Suites: Isartor, veraPDF

July 15, 2017



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