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PDF Days Europe 2022

PDF Days Europe 2022 - Working Together!Working together - finally in-person in Berlin!

For over a decade PDF Days has offered high-quality presentations, education and networking opportunities dedicated to PDF technology. It’s intended for developers, integrators, product managers and others who work directly with the world's chosen digital document format.

In 2022, PDF Days Europe 2022 is from September 12-13, 2022. All presentations will be live-streamed from Berlin, and will include interaction from the online as well as in-person audience.

Proposal submission deadline: Tuesday, May, 3rd, 2022

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Submit your presentation

Presenting at PDF Days Europe 2022 is a unique opportunity to demonstrate expertise, thought-leadership and to gain exposure. Sessions will be grouped into six topic areas based on the presentations selected by the Program Committee.

Your summary should clearly inform the Program Committee of the information attendees can expect to learn from your session. If accepted, the summary will be used to describe your session on the website. You will have an opportunity to update it.

Key Dates

Next deadline: PDF Days proposals are due by Tuesday, May 3rd.

Those submitting successful presentation proposals will be notified by Tuesday, May 17th.

Initial draft slides (an outline is acceptable) are due by Monday, August 15 to allow time for feedback from the Program Committee.

Final presentations are due Friday, September 2.


PDF Days presentations must reference PDF technology but are otherwise unlimited. Sessions may include (non-product) demonstrations, videos, etc. Topics presented as use cases, best practices, research results and future development are especially welcomed.

Sessions must be fundamentally educational, not promotional. Proposals are selected by the Program Committee based on interest and the educational value of the proposed content.

Each session will be 40 minutes; please assume 30 minutes for presentation and leave 10 minutes for questions.


Compelling session topics could include (but are NOT limited) to:

Case studies

  • Leveraging cloud processing: how the Acme Corporation pushed its PDF document workflows into the cloud and now works exclusively using a browser.
  • Enabling communication: how 3D PDF helped rapid manufacture of ventilator parts, and what it means for manufacturing in general
  • Applying PDF to e-invoicing
  • Innovative uses of 3D PDF
  • PDF meets fintech, instech, healthcare
  • How PDF helped during the pandemic (e.g, vaccine passports)

Best practice

  • Migrating to PDF 2.0
  • Modeling approaches to reflowing PDF content
  • Error-handling: common mistakes, better recoveries
  • Creating efficient and compact PDF
  • Evaluating and benchmarking PDF
  • Better OCR results for scanned PDFs

Research results

  • Reliable data mining large scale PDF repositories
  • Addressing challenges in digital signature validation
  • Document management; is PDF special?
  • How to make users make better PDFs

The future

  • Can AI create quality Tagged PDF?
  • What’s PDF’s place in an HTML world? …or is it a database world?
  • What’s the next big feature needed in PDF?
  • What’s holding PDF back?
  • PDF and blockchain

Bear in mind that sessions will be streamed; and thus, presentations should work in either in-person or online settings. Presentations will be made from PDF Association Macintosh laptops. Software demonstrations should be pre-recorded or limited to web applications.

Proposals for sessions in English are preferred; however, very compelling topics in German will be considered. A maximum of 1 “commercial” slide mentioning the speaker’s company and/or products is permitted.

The Program Committee (members of the PDF Association’s Staff and Board of Directors) will provide feedback and guidance on accepted proposals.

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