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webPDF in its magical Version 9

SoftVision Development GmbH // October 28, 2022

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Good news! The new Version 9 of webPDF is available right now. Experience how our developers at SoftVision have taken webPDF to an entirely new level. This latest version gives you a wide range of both brand-new and updated functions and capabilities. A completely revised portal ensures that webPDF is now even more convenient to use while also eliminating the need for any local PDF viewer.

The most important features of Version 9

It would take hours to describe the entire list of features. Just those more than 20 new REST and SOAP web service operations and functions can provide enough material for a whole article of their own, which is why we are going to limit ourselves here to just a small selection and start off with the most important elements.

Support for OAuth2 tokens (JWS tokens) and improved support for certificate stores are just two key features of this new version in terms of web services in general. Among other things, this kind of support is essential for encrypting and decrypting PDF documents as well as for using electronic signatures.

You can now make HTML and SVG exports using our PDF web services. New functions for comments, including stamps and graphic elements, are also available. You can also scale pages and content within a PDF document. What’s more, all web services can not only encrypt and decrypt PDF documents with certificates, but also compress them. The latter goes a long way to keeping the required storage space as lean as possible in these times of overwhelming volumes of data.

In brief:

  • Support for OAuth2 tokens (JWS tokens)
  • Improved support for certificate stores
  • Can export PDF documents as scalable vector graphics (SVG)
  • HTML export for PDF documents
  • Page and content scaling within the PDF document
  • Stamps or graphic elements within comments

Improved PDF/A services

Version 9 and the “Pdfa” web service now let you quickly correct those bothersome errors in structure and syntax while converting PDF documents to PDF/A format. In fact, we have updated the entire PDF/A engine in this latest version, whose favorable impact you cannot help but notice in all your PDF/A related work.

An exceptionally convenient portal

We have added numerous improvements and innovations to the completely redesigned webPDF portal. You can now create barcodes without PDF while at the same time downloading multiple documents as a ZIP file – something that will save you a lot of time.

Here is something else you can do: Highlight signature fields and then handwrite your signature directly in the field on the screen using the “Affix signature” feature. This means you no longer have to print out documents, sign them, and then scan them all over again.

Optimized webPDF server

We have already mentioned how Version 9 lets you do authorizations for web services via external OAuth2 providers, such as Microsoft or AuthO. Worthy of mention as well are the user login via Azure AD and the option of reading out certificates from the LDAP profile for logins made using LDAP and Active Directory.

As usual, this new Version 9 is available as a Windows or Linux installation package to be directly installed or employed as a container for Docker or Kubernetes.

What does Version 9 have to do with magic? Well, in numerology the number 9 represents completion. In addition, when you multiply 9 by any number, the sum of the digits of the product will always be nine. So you see there really is something magical about this number.

webPDF Version 9 may be complete, but it is not the final ending. We know that our customers’ needs and requirements are always changing. With this in mind, our goal is to respond flexibly to give businesses the kind of PDF solution that supports them best in their day-to-day work. Quality and an eye for detail are what gives the whole that certain magic, not just the vast number of new and improved features. Sound supernatural?

We invite you to try out webPDF in its magical Version 9 yourself!

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