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Able2Extract Pro 18 Released with Advanced Table and Text Recognition, Upgraded Security, Improved Conversion Performance & More Inc. // December 6, 2022

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Investintech PDF Solutions, the provider of advanced PDF solutions for business and end-users, has announced a new version of the company’s desktop PDF software - Able2Extract Professional 18. The new and improved Able2Extract Professional brings powerful new updates that improve PDF conversion, security, and overall performance.

The latest version 18 provides users with advanced upgrades to its PDF to Excel table recognition engine, higher quality text extraction, improved support for complicated PDFs, important security updates, performance enhancements, and better compatibility with PDF creation technology. These new updates are aimed squarely at producing a more productive and seamless PDF workflow.

Here is what’s new in the latest Able2Extract Professional 18:

Enhanced Custom PDF to Excel Table Recognition

When it comes to PDF to Excel conversion, Able2Extract Professional is the leading PDF tool users turn to. The Custom PDF to Excel conversion feature has been given a boost with tweaks made to its table recognition and extraction technology. Able2Extract Professional 18 provides you with top of the line accuracy for converting both similar and complex table structures.

Improved PDF Text Recognition

Able2Extract’s text recognition has also been a key focus for improvement. This latest version includes built-in enhancements to automatically correct and extract textual patterns five times more accurately than before. Convert the text and content in your PDF documents and tables as usual, but receive better conversion results every time.

Better Support for Complex PDFs

In addition to improving Able2Extract’s ability to accurately identify textual data and tables, we’ve updated its ability to handle complex PDF files, as well. Able2Extract Professional 18 now comes with better support for handling and converting problematic and non-standard PDF documents. With this new version, you can convert PDF content that may contain issues with fonts, oversized embedded bitmaps, and digital structures with ease.

Advanced Security Improvements

Able2Extract Professional 18 has been built with your security in mind, too. It has been updated to protect you and your sensitive data from more than 15 reported vulnerabilities related to OpenSSL and Ziplib technology. You get enhanced security across all Windows, macOS, and Linux platforms. Perform PDF to Excel conversions with Able2Extract Professional 18 knowing that your system, data, and tasks are kept safe and secured.

Increased PDF Conversion Performance And Speed

We know that when it comes to PDF tasks speed is a priority. That’s why we’ve also upgraded Able2Extract’s conversion performance levels by 10 percent. The conversion speed has been enhanced to prevent slow conversions and hang ups, allowing you to work more effectively and in line with your deadlines and workflow.

Improved Compatibility With PDF Creation Technology

Finally, PDF Creation has also been improved. This latest version provides better compatibility with the latest version of Ghostscript, the technology behind creating PDF documents. Able2Extract Professional ensures that you can reliably create professional-looking PDFs from your documents, images or spreadsheets with the latest in PDF creation technology.

Able2Extract Professional 18 is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux. Those who are interested can download the 7-day free trial.

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