ActivePDF Announces Essential Release of DocSpace 5.2.0

ActivePDF // April 9, 2020

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ActivePDF, the leading provider of PDF automation technologies and digital transformation solutions, is proud to announce the release of DocSpace 5.2.0. This revolutionary software program provides easy-to-use PDF tools for enterprise and work-from-home environments.

The official launch of DocSpace, coincided with ActivePDF’s 20-year anniversary in January, 2020, delivering Robotic Process Automation (RPA) into the hands of developers and non-developers alike. DocSpace 5.2.0 improves upon the program with vital upgrades to right-click integration, improvements to Preview Windows, streamlined options for all actions, as well as a multitude of Actions, and more.

“Now, more than ever, we need easy-to-use digital document solutions with RPA that we can depend on for our businesses and our everyday lives,” says Tim Sullivan, ActivePDF CEO and Chief Architect. “DocSpace 5.2.0 comes at a critical time as more people are adjusting to working from home. Digital document tasks such as OCR processing, data redaction, PDF compression, and more in an RPA environment are the cornerstones of DocSpace – proving that high-volume production doesn’t have to be sacrificed for ease of use and dependability. We’re proud that DocSpace is on the way to becoming the essential PDF software program of its time.”

New DocSpace Key Features include:

  • File Explorer Right-Click Menu Integration: DocSpace Actions can be performed directly from Windows File Explorer by right-clicking on a file or folder for immediate processing
  • Control of Options for all Actions: Options can now be set as part of the Select Files interface for more streamlined processing
  • Preview Window: Provides the ability to see how the settings for that action will impact the output of the document and update them as needed for a fully customized result
  • More Validate Action Options: Validate PDF now includes PDF Standards A, UA and X
  • New Stamp Action: Bates Number PDF (Desktop version only)
  • Updated Action Options: Remove Tags, remove Annotations, delete Bookmarks, and more

Once designed specifically for software developers and IT professionals, ActivePDF’s suite of PDF tools is now available within DocSpace in a no-code, friendly User Interface (UI) for on-site enterprise or a work-from-home environment.

For more information on DocSpace 5.2.0, visit the Release Notes page.

Learn more and download your free trial of DocSpace 5.2.0.

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